Email is being used by a vast amount of people with roughly 35 billion emails are being sent every day. Using email people can send text and attachments to anyone else who has an email address. Attachments could be images, sounds or any other files.

The benefits of using email:

  • It is fast, messages only take a few seconds to be sent anywhere in the world.
  • It is much cheaper than posting a letter or fax and attachments are easier to send.
  • Messaged can be forwarded to lots of people at the same time which also saves time.
  • Messages are stored on the email acount so the person receiving the email does not have to be online when it is sent.

The disadvantages of using email:

  • Anyone who wants to send or recieve emails has to have their own email account.
  • Messages may contain viruses or be corrupted which could damage your computer.
  • Users can be sent emails that they do not want, like advertisements. This is caled spam.
  • You have to have an internet connection to be able to Email.
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