Facsimile Machine (FAX): A fax machine uses telephone lines to transmit copies of an original document to another fax machine.The fax machine scans documents and then encodes the contents and transmits it to another fax machine, in which decodes and automatically prints a copy of the original document(s). The document is transmitted as a graphic and this makes it longer to send compared to transmitting text files. You can only send one fax at a time with a fax machine but now they are useful and common in business.
Advantages: A fax machine Sends Emails and faxes. Faxing is fast to communicate. you do not have to have an internet connection. Faxes arrive automatically and you can send large ammounts of data or information, and a Fax gives a hard copy.

Drawbacks: : The computer can only receive faxes if it is left turned on in receive mode. You can only send one at a time. The document you send when you use fax it trasmits it graphically and this takes longer. If information sent by fax has to be entered it has to be retyped which is time consuming and a waste of time and this increases the chance of human error.

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