The internet is a worldwide publicly assceeible serious of a computer networks. Where data is transfered by packet switching using internet protocol (IP).

Advantage= Cost Effective and Enduring Marketing Strategies

The Internet has become the information superhighway for the buying public home user. Most people prefer the hassle free transactions that Internet shopping can offer. As a result, the Internet has become the most powerful selling tool around the world. Internet Promotion offers cost effective ways for small businesses to enhance their product or service distribution networks. For example, the use of portals can help create new marketing channels and logistics, or provide better or faster product access for customers.

In comparison to other forms of marketing, Internet Promotion presents the advantage of reduced budget and storage costs (increasing business), when compared with printing brochures, producing television or radio advertisements or managing a call centre. It presents a fast and cost effective option for penetrating new markets.

Disadvantage= Difficulty in Attracting Customers

Small business may not have the resources to pay for paid directory inclusion, pay per click inclusions and often have to rely solely on search engine optimisation or word of mouth to drive traffic to their sites. With millions of businesses selling the same product and services, competing with more established businesses can be frustrating and costly venture for small business. Only well known businesses are acessed by customers as they are well trusted, large organisation (afford customer sercurity) and experienced in trading across the web.

Unfortunately smaller businesses lose customers due to being a less profitable business and not having the money to create and sercure a fashionable website.

There are many disadvantages to the Internet but the main one is that you can pick up bad viruses, which can damage main of your computers primary functions.

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