The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Ict In Education

The benefits of ICT in education…

  • Students can use the Internet to research information which is needed for there homework also this means that they are getting a wider range of information.
  • ICT can make a students work more accurate as it will tell them if they have made a mistake.
  • Computers can store more information in a much smaller space; this saves a lot of space for other work and doesn’t take up as much room as they wont have filling cabinets filled with everyone’s information in.
  • Work is much more easier to read, as it is a lot neater also pictures could be added on to make the work look more professional.

The drawbacks of ICT in manufacturing…

  • Students could just copy information off the Internet and this means that they would not actually learn anything as they were just copying.
  • Everyone needs to be trained to use ICT.
  • ICT can be very expensive to start up.
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